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Traps To Avoid When Buying Car Insurance

The common thing is that everyone is not likely to read the car insurance policy's terms and conditions. It is no wonder of not reading this, but the foreseeable terms and even exclusions are added under this. 

The outcomes of this are the drivers get into such unavoidable situations and rise in insurance premiums. Here, there are some possibilities where you get easily get messed up with a car insurance policy. 

How to claim someone's car insurance?

It is unpredictable when you are enforced in such an unexpected situation. It is ok to claim someone’s car insurance, but you have to be ready to face the consequences.

  • Any insurance claim can be either your policy or someones. It results in increasing your premium in the future.
  • When you claim from someone’s policy, it doesn’t affect your No Claim Bonus, and there is no excess to pay. 

Even you have cheap car insurance, and there will be a slight rise in your premium due to the claim. In case you renew the quotes, the insurance company considered this also a factor even you claimed in your or someone's insurance. So it makes you pay more even before the claim.

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What if I didn't insist on my insurer about an accident?

You have to aware of such things when you are got involved in hiding your car accident. The insurer also added this under terms and conditions in the name of “the disclosure of material facts”. 

According to this, you always let the things know to the insurer as it impacts your policy. Items can be of anything like accidents or past three years claim if any. Even some of the insurers also look for the past five years of claim history. 

It is a fact when you have a claim in your history. It directly affects the cost of premium at a higher rate. If you aware of and hide certain things from your insurer, it will worsen the situation more. It will be a threat to future claims you make and make the policy nullify. 

Keep in mind that you should read the car insurance quotes UK stated by your insurance company. If not, you might end up in serious situations where you have to spend much from your pocket. 

Can I drive someone's car with third party insurance?

Some insurers will always look for that when you are intended to drive someone’s car. You have to get a comprehensive insurance policy. But at the same time, the total coverage doesn’t give you a hand where you have to pay extra for it. 


In some cases, drivers believe that driving someone’s car can be covered under third party insurance of their insurance policy. To be specific, you are a comprehensive cover holder added to that owner’s permission. 


For this, some factors have a direct impact on driving someone’s car. The insurer will consider you at the age of 25 either for renewal of the quotes or Driving Others Car (DOC) even if you have to pay for that. 


So it always said that compare car insurance, to reduce the premium by knowing the provider's quotes suitable for your car and your budget. The insurer will keep the tip on certain factors where it purely depends on your age and the eligible for the repayment.


Even there are many tricks that some might know when you involuntarily get into such situations. It is important; you have to read the policy documents before sign up to prevent some problems by knowing what is covered for you. 

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